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Your New Kitten


            The Parents of your new kitten are Registered Pedigree Rag Dolls.

  I am a registered Breeder and a member of Cats Victoria inc and

I am a Registered Domestic Animal Business with the local Council.

As such, I abide by the guidelines relating to the breeding and homing of cats and kittens .

      Breeders are always striving to produce the best and healthiest kittens and to place them in a loving and caring environment in their new home.

Kittens are vet checked, vaccinated, wormed regularly, desexed and microchipped.

Your own vet would love to meet your new family member and it is a good idea to take your kitten to the vet to have it checked out, maybe remove any stitches, check on worming and giving its 2nd or 3rd vaccination.



Bringing your new kitten home

I know that your new kitten will bring as much enjoyment and fun to your home as our cats have to us.

Rag Doll cats are intelligent and family friendly and will love you as you love them.

Remember that this is the kittens first time away from its mother and siblings and may feel insecure at first.  Just give the kitten time to inspect the new surroundings and keep this time as quiet and stress free as possible.

When you first get home keep the kitten in one room if possible so he/she knows where the litter tray and the food is.

There may be some accidents at first and the kitten may squat in a corner or on some newspapers left on the floor. A kitten will usually meow and look around in a corner so you can just  lift them and put in the litter tray.

 It is not unusual for a kitten to hide , be skittish or refuse to eat.  Give lots of reassurance and cuddles and the kitten will adjust very quickly.

Your kitten will not like to be alone as it is used to being around other kittens, so if he/she can sleep  with a family member then it will bond very quickly.


What to Give Your New Kitten to Eat


Your kitten has been eating Royal Canin Dry food,

Beef mince, with some chicken cooked  and with a small amount of Fancy Feast Kitten or Dine Kitten. Cheese is fine.

Mostly the kitten needs a good quality dry food and You will be given some Royal Canin Kitten dry nibbles.

Keep your new kitten on the diet it is used to to begin with .

You can gradually introduce other foods eg raw chicken, or kangaroo mince.

Do not give you kitten milk to drink only water as cows milk will give him/her diarrhoea


A kitten may develop diarrohea because of:

1/  the stress of a new environmentp

2/changes in diet

3/with a vaccination and/or worming.

Very young kittens have immunity from their mother's milk but when they start eating solid food and their own immune system is not yet fully developed, they are susceptible to lots of bugs,  They easily get diarrhoea, runny eyes and sneezing.

This is why breeders don't like people handling young kittens until after they have had their 1st vaccination and then you will most likely be asked to wash your hands in antibacterial before nursing a kitten.

This is also why breeders keep the kittens for a minimum of 10 weeks before they go to their new home to lesson the risk of them picking up a bug.

However, with all precautions taken your kitten could still become unwell at their new home.


If you kitten is not well just give it boiled chicken until it settles down.

 Ring the breeder rather than having expensive tests done at the vets.


Enjoy your new kitten