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Where my Cats Sleep

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries have revised the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses.

A visit to their website will give breeders insight into the requirements of the department.

On this page I wish to give my website readers  a look at how I house my cats and kittens.

The areas remain the same but the cats are moved around depending who is being mated with who and which Queen is due to have her kittens.

I have a 12 metre long by 2.7 metres wide sunroom along the side of my house. 

One section of this is the kitten room and another section is the day room where some cats sleep at night, play during the day and where I can sit and be withthem all.

The Kitten Room

Lucciana sleeps here at the moment as her kittens are due middle of August

 The kittens will be born in the enclosure on the left where they will be safe for the first few weeks . There is a washable heat pad there.


At the other end of the sunroom is this play and sleeping area.

The door to the right of the page leads out to another deck area where the cats can be during the day but too cold for night.