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Kiriala Parischanel

 Seal Bi-Colour

                            Sire :  Jarrah Apollo    Dam : Kiriala Angelica

 At the Sacred Cat  of Burma Cat Fanciers Parischanel was awarded :

Best Group 1 Kitten, 

Supreme Exhibit in Show

Judges Choice from NZ Cat Fanciers Inc




Kiriala Shantelle

                           Sire: Grand Champion Jarrah Apollo

          Dam:  Jarrah  Lotus Lucciana

  Blue Mitted with a tiny little Blaze like a star that she is.



 We have kept her daughters Georgia and Natasha.


Jarrah Lotus Lucciana

Our Blue Mitted Queen


Lucciana is simply stunning, big and beautiful.  

She has lovely markings and an incredibly long tail

She is very affectionate and comes when she is called .

She has small litters but they are very big kittens  and high quality.

Her Sire is :Shredocda Kola

Her Dam is : Jarrah Holly

 Lucciana has now been desexed as she has had lots of kittens and it is now time for her to enjoy her retirement

We have kept her daughter Shantelle.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------              Amronaz Miss Sophie Sue


Sophie has been a wonderful Queen and Mother

she has now been desexed and retired.

She is very content to roam the paddocks and come and go into the house.

Sire: Drouin Go For Gold 

Dam: Amronaz Sa-Wa-La



Sophie Sue is a perfectly marked Bi-colour.

Her temperament is very gentle and affectionate.

Her kittens have been very well marked.

She has been tested negative to PKD, HCM, FIV and Felv


We have kept her daughter Kiriala Saffire Rose.





Kiriala Heidi

Our very own Blue Mitted Queen carrying Chocolate

Sire: Aarons Drew

Dam: Jarrah Lotus Lucciana

This enchanting girl is Lucciana's daughter. She was the only one in Lucciana's first litter and born in my bed at 6 am in the morning. She is very special.  Heidi is the most affectionate girl I have and just loves to be around me all the time.

Heidi has  had 4 litters and unfortunately she does not have enough milk to feed them. She has had to be desexed and will be rehomed.



Glorious Orabella Blu

Seal Mitted with a Blaze

Sire: Grand Champion Cherishme Orions Belt

Dam: Theifohearts Shany Blu

This stunning girl has come to us from Aceofharts Rag Dolls

as she felt that she needed more space and we have lots.

She passed her magnificient eye colour to her kittens.

Orabella has now been desexed as she had had lots of kittens and it is time for her to have a one on one time with a loving person.

We have kept her daughter Blossom Dolls  Gabriella




CH. Kiriala Angelica

Our very own blue bi-colour

Sire: Ribbonsnrags Zeus

Dam: Amronaz Miss Sophie Sue

She has very good eye colour and shape, a very good conformation of body, a very affectionate and loving nature.






Kiriala Alexandra

 Our very own seal point






Sire: Ribbonsnrags Zeus

Dam: Amronaz Miss Sophie Sue


Note her stunning eyes.


Alexandra is a very affectionate girl and loves cuddles and to be with me.

She also loves a little run outside but comes inside when I call her.






Our very Own Kiriala Saffire Rose

This is the daughter of Miss Sophie Sue

Sire is Grand Champion Jarrah Apollo

She is a blue bi-colour perfectly marked.




 Saffire took 2 reserve and 3 second reserve places at the National Show in July 2013 in Wallan.

There were 7 kittens in her section, we are very proud of her.