Kiriala Rag Dolls

Rag Doll Breeders

About Us

We live on  10 acres of lush pasture with easterly views to the Great Dividing Ranges. Our property is combined with Blossomdolls Rag Dolls and a Shetland Pony Stud called Silver Mountain.

We also have a dog, doves, budgies, cows, chooks and our stunning breeding Rag Dolls

All of our cats spend time outside , running through the long grass and playing with the dog. They are closely watched and never wander away from me.  I don't like cats being kept in cages; I like cats as well as people to have freedom to enjoy. My cats come to me when I call them.


I am a registered breeder with the Cats Victoria Inc, and as such I abide by their rules which are set up to protect breeding cats and their kittens. 

I try to perfect the breed and produce kittens of the finest quality.

My studs are tested for;

                               HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) heart disease.

                               PKD  disease of the kidneys

                               Feline Aids

                               Feline Leukemia.

I feed my cats and kittens with top of the range dry food, Royal Canin Kitten and fresh chicken and kangaroo meat.

I believe that I do everything I can do to produce healthy kittens.