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Photos are also on my facebook page Shirley Gower you need to 'like' my page to see my postings.




            There are no kittens available at this stage however
 Tabitha is pregnant she is a bi=coloir blue cream torti I am expecting gorgeous kittens
If you are interested in Tabitha's kittens please register your interest 
on my email address

Kittens will be desexed, vaccinated and microchipped

For interest in kittens please email

















































 When Lucciana was in labour , Paris and Shantelle were very supportive.

 I am waiting too!

 Are you having contractions yet?



              0419 565 350  or 03 5786 1664


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  LUCCIANA  HAD HER last litter of KITTENS  21ST AUG                                                                                                   

The bliss of Motherhood



















a a seal bi-colour boy, with a blaze a very unique kitten with startling markings sold to Eve


 Blue bi-colour lynx girl



























 chocolate boy












A Seal Point Kitten




 A Seal Bi-colour Kitten



                                           A Blue Point Kitten


                                            A Blue Bi-colour Kitten


                                A Flame Point Kitten






> Hello Shirley ,
> I'm Vicky. Aaron has his third vaccination today. Everything is going well. Right now he is sleeping peacefully beside me as if there is nothing in this world can ever bother him. His soft white fur is so fine, so delicate. And when his flashy eyes are opened slowly, you would be impressed, by the most lively mysterious wonder of the world. It is fascinating to have an adorable cat, isn't it?
> By the way, I saw your website yesterday , and all your queens are coming into their season. So I wonder buy one more kitten for company for Aaron, they can play together. Could I buy one at the same price ?
> Best regards,
> Vicky


                            Sing to the tune of "I'm a little Doll"

I'm a rag doll just 10 weeks old and waiting for my new family

I'm the little kitten that the little girl chose, so won't you tell me please..............

Are.........  my ears well spaced.

is my nose in place,

do I have a cute expression on my face,

 Are my blue eyes bright, do I look alright to be taken home this Sunday

When she first came here just 2 weeks ago,


       We breed Rag Dolls for quality and pleasure, come join in that pleasure.

                                          In the kitten room







A home is just a house without a cat




                       Cream and Flame  Kittens at about 3 to 4 weeks
At 8 weeks


Seal Point Kitten








                           Cream Point Kitten






 chocolate/ lynx pattern










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